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VDL Bus & Coach delivers 55 VDL Citeas LLE to Danish Umove A/S

VDL Bus & Coach delivers 55 VDL Citeas LLE to Danish Umove A/S

On Thursday 12 November, 55 VDL Citeas LLE were delivered to young, fast-growing Danish passenger transport company Umove A/S. The economic fuel consumption and low emissions of these lightweight Citeas fully meet the strict Danish requirements. The buses will be put in service in the Danish capital Copenhagen (40 units) and Danish city Helsingør (15 units) starting in December 2015.


The Citea Light Low Entry is a true lightweight champion. One of the most important benefits of the exceptionally low unladen weight is significantly lower fuel consumption than conventional buses. This not only results in a considerable reduction of harmful emissions but also lower operating costs. The low floor construction at the entry and exit doors provides optimal accessibility for wheelchair users and passengers with baby buggies.

The 15 Citeas for Helsingør have been built with a 1-2-0 door configuration, a 38+3 seating arrangement and space for 40 standing passengers. The 40 Citeas for Copenhagen have a 2-2-1 door configuration, a 33+3 seating arrangement and also have space for 40 standing passengers.

Helsingør has an estimated 46,000 residents and the city is visited by more than a million tourists per year. Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark and one of the most sustainable cities in the world. The city has more than one million inhabitants. The bus is an important means of transport, and Copenhagen places high demands on quality and comfort.

Umove A/S

Umove A/S bought out all shares of De Hvide Busser and Fjordbus/Holger Danske in November 2013. In April 2015 the company took over all shares of Thykjær A/S. Umove is now Denmark's largest private bus operator. The Umove A/S fleet consists of more than 500 vehicles and the company employs more than 1,000 people. Umove A/S is co-owned by Artha Kapitalforvaltning.

Valkenswaard, November 2015

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